Back By Popular Demand: The BrewTender

You begged. You pleaded. You promised us your first born… and, although we’ll pass, finally they’re back. BrewTenders are here and ready for self-serving your hoards of friends, family and the like.

BrewTender Party Pitcher

That’s right… these are self-serving 80-ounce beer and drink pitchers, which save you time and energy so you can better enjoy the festivities yourself. Plus, they light up, adding even more to your party décor.

The BrewTender features

  • a removable ice chamber, which eliminates dilution from melting ice
  • a lazy-susan style rotating base that’s perfect for pub or dining tables
  • a bar style tap handle for easy dispensing of beer, cocktails, juice, iced tea or anything cold
  • an internal beverage and ice lighting system
  • and is available in red or black

Get yours now for only $59.95!


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