The Case for Liqueurs

Let’s be honest here: making a perfect cocktail is not always easy. Every cocktail in the canon is a unique blending of tastes and textures meant to create a singular sipping sensation. Sure, one base liquor (such as vodka or gin) might find itself at the forefront of any number of well-mixed permutations and combinations, but we mustn’t ignore the science of mixology, the carefully calibrated craftwork that goes into creating our favorite drinks.

So what happens if we aren’t master mixologists? What if the precise pouring and artistic alchemy of our favorite mustachioed local barkeeps is something that we can only aspire to in our most booze-drenched dreams? Are we to wallow in our sober despair? Stick to the plebeian simplicity of a vodka soda when we long for something with a greater degree of subtle delicacy and tongue-tickling nuance?

Of course not! The world of premium spirits is both immensely wide and intensely malleable. I could talk about a variety of classic cocktails that rank low on the intimidation scale, or mention the professional quality tools we offer to make mixology magic seem more accessible, or elaborate on the game-changing, easy-to-use miracle elixirs known as bitters. But I’ve got a different plan. I want to take a moment of your time to tout the virtues of an all too often ignored subset of cocktail culture: the sweet, seductive liqueurs.

Bittermans Liqueurs

If you have enough manual dexterity to open a bottle, you can pour yourself a world-class bit of liquid relaxation. From the citrusy sweetness of Italy’s own limoncello to the creamy decadence of Bailey’s Irish Cream to the roasted coffee smoothness of Tia Maria (and all manner of palate-pleasing, well-rounded tastes in between), there is no shortage of night-capping liqueurs available for our imbibing pleasure.

Bittermans Liqueurs

The advantages of a nice liqueur go well beyond ease of use. In general, they are less potent than traditional distilled liquors so you needn’t worry so much about fanning the flames of unwanted drunkenness. For those of us with a bit of a sweet tooth, an after-dinner liqueur is quite often the taste prescription ordered by Dr. Delicious. Perhaps best of all, many of the most popular liqueurs are supremely flexible so stocking your bar with these sweet treats won’t limit the potential possibilities of your beverage brainstorms.

So next time you feel like having a glassful of well-balanced smoothness, but don’t feel up to wading into the wonderful world of shakers and strainers and jiggers (oh my!), why not try a liqueur? You’ll likely be rewarded with a sipping experience that is every bit as refreshing as any classic cocktail, and you won’t even need to grow a mustache.

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