The French Hops Experiment

This coming Wednesday, July 14th, Oregon’s Pelican Brewery will debut a one-time-only brewed beer in honor of Bastille Day, according to

Pelican Brewmaster Darron Welch
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This beer, which is called The Guillotine, is special in that it is brewed from experimental French hops; the first product of the grower’s co-op breeding program. Pelican brewmaster Darron Welch told of the international-style pale ale, “we’re making a beer designed to be straight ahead. It will be a beer that allows for the characteristic of the hop to be prominent.” I love to hear of brewers trying new things. The Guillotine will only be available on draft, so if anyone gets a chance to try it, please let me know how it is. [techtags:THE GUILLOTINE, PELICAN BREWERY]

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