The Gift of Cheer

Every holiday season a group of my friends get together and exchange wine for our annual holiday party. Each couple (or person) brings a bottle of wine to sample and a bottle to gift and it always ends up being a buzzing, cheery party. Each of the bottles are selected with care and always represent a favorite wine that we have experienced over the past year.

The true gift is not the wine, but the experience that each person is gifting, hoping to give a similar sensation and encounter with the wine that they had. This shares a moment between the giver and receiver that, although may or may not be experienced at the same time, you can discover a deeper understanding of what that person enjoys in wine.

I have come across quite a few new wines and beers this year that were interesting and had their own personalities. In the spirit of the season I would hope each of you would share with us your favorite discoveries this year.

Pouring Wine



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