The Golden Age of Breweries is Right Now

Beer is one of those things that seems like it just is. Like, it’s always been a part of everyone’s life, always been readily available everywhere, always been helping the good times roll. I mean, can you imagine a world where you can’t walk out of your door and find a place to buy beer within a ten minute drive or so? I sure can’t, nor do I want to.

But of course, I’m wrong. Beer HASN’T just always been around. It doesn’t fall from the clouds like rain drops or gather on the leaves of mighty oak trees like dew. It requires work and labor and expertise and passion. These are things that shouldn’t be underplayed or glossed over. The men and women who have committed their lives to the craft of brewing should be celebrated at every turn and made to feel our collective love and appreciation. Because honestly? They’re killing it out there.

Need some proof? Check this out:

125-Year Brewery Count from Brewers Association

This chart from the Brewers Association shows the 125-year history of breweries in the United States. Let’s consider a few facts:

1. People in the 1880s liked to party huh?

2. Prohibition was dumb.

3. Hey, late 1970s…weak sauce.

4. June 2012? Now that’s what papa is talking about!

Honestly, this chart is endlessly fascinating for anyone who cares about beer and/or the beer industry. I think of particular importance is what that staggeringly high number of modern breweries suggests: the craft beer movement has really taken hold. In the history of these glorious United States, there has never been a better time to be a beer lover.

These are heady times my friends. So go out, enjoy something delicious, and thank your chosen deity that you’re alive at a time when there are over 2,400 breweries out there doing their damndest to make your mouth happy. All hail beer, and, perhaps even more importantly, all hail the good people who put themselves out there to pursue their sudsy dreams of alcoholic immortality!

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