The Great American Beer Festival Is This Weekend

So, I was taking a stroll the other day and ducked into a little beer merchant here in Buffalo. As I scanned the shelves, I had a revelation: there are A LOT of American brewers doing some very cool, delicious-sounding stuff. Too bad there isn’t some really amazing event that brings together a ton of those brewers (and fellow admirers of the craft) to spend a weekend celebrating everything that makes American beer culture as interesting and vital as anywhere in the world.

Oh wait. That exists? And it’s called the Great American Beer Festival? And it’s being held this weekend (October 10-12), in lovely downtown Denver, CO? And its happened every year since 1982? And it just keeps getting bigger and better as the craft beer and home brewing movements take deeper hold in our beer-loving imaginations?

GABF 13 Logo

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Well. OK then.

Seriously, the Great American Beer Festival is the nation’s premier event for any of us in the ever-growing legion of people who care about the limitless possibilities of a well-crafted brew. There will be over 2,800 different beers provided by over 600 unique breweries that represent the truly diverse nature of the craft’s possibilities as imagined from the Big Apple to the Bayou and every other nook and cranny of our fair nation in between.

This year, KegWorks will have a couple of people walking around, decked out in our company shirts. If you see us, we’d love to say hello. We might even give you a high-five. So please, don’t be shy!

Alright, so who’s going? What are you most excited about? Are there any booths that our KegWorks representatives have to check out? Do you have your game plan all mapped out? Have you downloaded the super-incredible GABF app (My GABF) for your cell phone? Let us know!

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