The KegWorks IT Refugees

Today our IT department and Dave, KegWorks’ owner/chief buyer, are switching offices. This means that four men are completely displaced for the day, left only to wander aimlessly, at least for the time being.

Thanks to Ed, we get to share some photos of these men, out of their natural habitats, as well as the complete and utter disarray that is our office building.

IT moving day

IT moving day

And yes, what you see here is most definitely salt. Honestly, salt is the only reason John has a drawer at all.

John eats too much salt

Thanks for grabbing the pics, Ed!


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  • Ed February 26, 2010 @ 1:08pm

    Hey, NP! I was happy to document them outside their natural habitat… but, I have to admit… at one point, I became a little concerned they were going to burst into flames from the dose of daylight they got… 😉

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