The KegWorks Thanksgiving Toast

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, the annual celebration of the day that the Pilgrims first high-fived the Indians before they sat down to eat some maize. It’s a day for friends, family, food, relaxation, football, beer, wine, food, laughter, thankfulness, and food. Oh, and also, food.

Really though, Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday. It’s Christmas without the crass commercialization. It’s a day to gather near with loved ones and reflect on just how lucky you really are (even though there are certainly days where it doesn’t feel that way). It’s a chance to eat, drink, and be merry all while maintaining an appropriate reverence for the fortunes you enjoy. In short, it’s awesome.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving: a day for family. And turkey.

In honor of that special day, we decided to create a brief poem/toast. Enjoy it, and have a great holiday!

The KegWorks Thanksgiving Toast

The taters are mashed, the turkey is basted.
Great Uncle Jimmy is passed out wasted.

The football Lions from Michigan’s great city
have already lost (and they looked pretty sh_tty.)

Now at the table, I look left and look right
and think to myself “What a wonderful sight.”

I see mom and dad. I see Gramps and Gram.
I see cousins and siblings and the rest of the fam.

We’re some of the lucky ones, the ones with so much
and if we don’t think that’s true, then we’ve gone out of touch.

Perhaps we’re not rich. We sit in coach when we fly.
But the fortune we have is one money can’t buy.

So let’s raise our glasses and deliver our “Cheers”
and toast to all the Thanksgivings through all of the years.

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