The Key to Unlocking Your Keg

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I decided to write about the unsung hero of the three rudimentary elements of a transcendent party. The first two essentials are obvious – a keg and a group of friends, preferably large. The final, equally necessary piece bridges the gap between the two – the picnic pump.

Burgers and dogs, ice, horseshoes, classic rock, bocce, plastic utensils and American flag napkins all are important, but getting the beer out of the keg and into your cup is where the party begins and ends. Even if you don’t have cups you can still take turns doing keg stands. The crux of the party is and will forever be the picnic pump.

Picnic PumpTwo years ago at the Memorial Day gathering I attended, the rental picnic pump was garbage. The mechanism would grind so you really had to work for your beer. Even after some furious pumping the beer still only slowly dribbled into the cup, causing a consistent line of frustrated and increasingly impatient partygoers at the keg. Clearly the thing had been passed around more than a joint at a Phish concert and was in horrid shape.

With your killer party hanging in the balance, why take any chances accessing your beer? My experience at the party a couple years back was a nuisance, but the pump held out, so we managed. The pump gives out and the party goes from raucous to ruined in the blink of an eye. With the threat of ill-maintained or broken rental pumps and limited availability around popular party holidays, now’s definitely the time to invest in your own.

We offer a multitude of durable and affordable options, so I’m confident you will find the picnic pump that best suits your needs. Time is running out for Memorial Day, but you can still get your pump in time, so order soon. Also, don’t forget about the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and a whole summer’s worth of parties in between.

Once you have your own, DO NOT lend it out to anyone as the odds are overwhelming that you’ll never see it again. Do, however, keep it in your trunk for keg party-related emergencies. After the rental craps out, prepare to be hailed as a conquering hero when you triumphantly return from your car, brand new picnic pump in hand, so the party can rage on…

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