The Little Drummer Boy

I grew up listening to my parents favorite classic rock tunes, as I got older and found my own favorite music I knew that I wanted music to be more than just a passive experience in my life. It was during my early teens that I took up playing the drums, emulating my favorite artists and pursuing a dream; at first it was just me and my drums and a headache for anyone close enough to hear me. As I got better, with practice and experience, I formed a band with like-minded musicians just interested in pursuing their love of music. I was on my way to a crossroads and I didn’t even know it.

Brian Drumming

What they don’t teach you in music books and rock videos are personal strains that playing live, in bars, can bring to bear on one’s life. When I first started out I was single and it was great, I was just a kid in a candy store living for the moment. Years go by and shots go down and “people” come and go. Life is one big party! Now that I am older and in a serious relationship with someone I really love it isn’t such a party anymore and I am losing interest in playing live and being part of a band.

After some reflection I have come to realize that my desire to leave the live music scene isn’t rooted in my falling out of love with music or even with playing live, it stems more from the fact that I have lost touch with why I am really on stage—for the music and not for the party. So, as they say in sports, back to the basics. Now I am focusing on playing and improving and building upon skills and talents as a musician. Who knows? I may take some vocal classes as well. My relationship at home and my relationship with music are both thriving and instead of giving up my passion, I am giving up my primary distraction, the party and all that goes with it. Who knows where becoming the best musician I can be will lead, I just know I am happier, my girlfriend is happier and the fans are appreciating the better quality that the band and I are bringing to them every weekend night!


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  • Hannah June 16, 2009 @ 9:40am

    Brian – my boyfriend, Fritz, has your same sentiment. Good luck in your new rejuvenated musical endeavors!

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