The Next Sam Adams Beer Will Be… Crowdsourced!

Samuel Adams has teamed up with social media guru Guy Kawasaki to brew up its very first collaborative ale. Pop on Facebook to vote on the newest beer’s color, clarity and hops/malt/yeast ratios now through February 5th.

Crowdsourced Sam Adams Beer Project

For what it’s worth, I think that Sam Adams truly has a great handle on its use of social media as a company. What’s more social than having all of your fans help design the next product you create? Crowdsourcing a beer or any product can almost guarantee interaction and success at the product’s unveiling. Cheers to Sam Adams and Guy Kawasaki for their efforts and here’s hoping they make a habit out of it – I’m thinking a six-pack of crowdsourced beers would really hit the mark.

Have you voted on what the next Sam Adams brew should be? Tell us what you’re going for in the comments section below!


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