The Octane 120 Pro Kegerator Arcade

Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade

We most definitely do not promote drinking and driving, but when the “car” is a home gaming machine touting 200 racing and arcade video games PLUS a fully functioning draft beer system with not one but TWO faucets, well, it’s right up our alley.

The Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade is exactly that. This dream machine is everything your man cave needs and more. What all do you get for your $6K?

Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade

  • Fully adjustable leather-wrapped steering wheel and seat
  • In-dash beer tap with cup holder so you can pour while you play
  • Dual motor force feedback
  • Metal gas pedal, clutch and brake with life-like resistance
  • 2-player control panel with built-in trackball
  • Full HD projector
  • 200 racing and classic arcade games
  • Gaming PC with PS3 connectivity
  • Built-in kegerator, which holds two 5-gallon kegs or one ½-barrel keg

Really. Could you ask for more? I only wish I’d thought of it!


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  • O'Shea Shenanigans April 28, 2011 @ 7:37am

    Thanks for this post. I checked out their website and added this to my wish list:


    The one featured in your post is awesome, but I do not have the room for that! Sure would be cool tho.

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