The Original Camel Back Tee Shirt (Made for a Good Cause)

The Original Camel Back

David Alderman is a freelance graphic designer and tee shirt enthusiast who recently designed the tee seen above called “The Original Camel Back.””Alderman is selling the shirts to raise money for a bike trip he’s taking in June to support affordable housing efforts in the US.

The organization he’s riding through,, organizes cross-country bike trips to benefit various affordable housing groups across America. Over the past 10 seasons, they’ve donated more than $4 million, pedaled over 6 million miles, and engaged more than 1,750 young adults in spreading the word about the affordable housing crisis in the US.

For those of you who don’t know what a Camel back is, it’s a hydration system worn as a sort of backpack. The pack holds a canteen of water which has a connected tube that runs along the straps of the backpack and up toward the wearer’s mouth. Most frequently used by runners, bikers, hikers, and other athletes, it’s only fitting that Alderman is using this play on words for his tee shirt.

He’s starting the trip in Portland, ME, and finishing in Santa Barbara, CA, stopping along the way to help build new homes at different Habitat for Humanity sites. He reached out to us a few weeks ago and asked if we’d be willing to blog about his cause, so here we are. If you’d like a tee shirt, or want to give David a shoutout yourself, check out his rider page, or purchase a tee shirt here.

Best of luck to you, David. Stay hydrated out there!

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