The Punch Bowl Quest

It’s the little things you don’t worry about until they become a center of attention. A couple of years ago I was throwing a large New Years Party complete with champagne, punch, beer and appetizers. Punch BucketThe whole process was going well and the food was coming out nicely.

Then came time to put out the drinks and I realized that I had dropped my glass punch bowl the year before. I of course didn’t replace it, because I thought, “I’ll take care of it next year.” I obviously didn’t. So with 45 minutes to the start of the party, I ran out looking for a new bowl.

Countless stores later I found most places closed or out of punch bowls. I found a dollar store that had a large tie dyed kid’s bucket for sand (I think) that was awful, but it did help conversation along at the party. I went out 2 days later and bought a large, shatterproof punch bowl. I didn’t need that problem again.


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