The Recovery of Discovery: Gaillard’s Beer Pyramid

Pete (KegWorks draft beer guru and model) sent me a link to this morning, featuring a French artist’s latest work in Berlin.

Cyprien Gaillard Beer Pyramid

Cyprien Gaillard’s piece, The Recovery of Discovery is a piece that displays engagement with the built environment and its destruction. Created from hundreds of cases of beer—72,000 bottles to be exact—Gaillard’s pyramid will actually complete itself through destruction. The exhibit opened on March 27, when visitors were invited to rush the pyramid of beer, open boxes and drink what they like. This piece of art will be in a continued state of extirpation through May 22, 2011.

Cyprien Gaillard Beer Pyramid

From the opening of the exhibit, “viewers have climbed onto the beer-box pyramid, which is easy given that the boxes form a natural step. When opening a box, or grabbing a beer from an already open box, the viewer participates in the removal of a single architectural piece of the installation, and adds to its destruction.”

Cyprien Gaillard Beer Pyramid

The beer pyramid is now in ruins, glass smashed everywhere, boxes tossed around without care. Gaillard has done installations of this nature before, and I for one hope he continues in these endeavors, for the love of art and the love of beer.


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