The Texas Craft Beer Renaissance

I received an email from Dave Cano, out of Houston, Texas, regaling me on the current craft beer fervor that’s been rising throughout the state. I simply had to share his wonderful news, despite struggles to bring in a more complete selection of beer from other states and countries.

Houston, which has a population of about 4 million, has but 2 craft breweries that call it home; Saint Arnold (whose Divine Reserve No. 9 is to die for) and Southern Star, which came into play about 3 years ago. One more craft brewery is starting up – No Label – which will be on the market very soon. But that’s it. Austin, Texas on the other hand, which has far smaller population, will be home to at least 12 new craft breweries and/or brew pubs over the next two years.

No Label Brewing Company

Houston is crying out for more craft breweries and brew pubs, and for good reason!

There is some major excitement brewing in Houston though (please pardon the pun). Dave says that beer bars in Houston, like Anvil, Flying Saucer and Petrol Station, are banding together to host events like Firkin Fest, which features rare craft beer, at each bar, over consecutive nights.

Another rad happening is Camp Beer, brought about by a woman who travels the country to gather and bring back great brews that citizens of Houston can’t get normally. What’s more, proceeds from Camp Beer benefit a local charity called Live it Big, which supports small charities in the area.

Despite restrictions from the Texas Beverage Commission, Houston continues to push for and bring in more craft beers from around the country. Craft beer lovers here are hoping to pass a few bills so that craft breweries will be allowed to sell their beers during brewery tours … this is something I feel they should most definitely have the right to do. Gracious! C’mon Texas Brewing Commission, loosen that grip!

Cheers to Dave and everyone heading up the Houston craft beer scene – you’re making waves and we’ll do everything we can to help support your cause.


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