The Ultimate 12-Pack Cooler

Our newest addition to the cooler family is guaranteed to make your future camping trips, family picnics and other outdoorsy adventures that much simpler. Take along an entire 12-pack of bottles or cans and keep them fully insulated for the duration of your outing.

Insulated 12-pack cooler

Our 12-Pack Insulated Beverage Carrier keeps each can or bottle in its own neoprene compartment, resulting in cold drinks that aren’t apt to break (or noisily clang around) while you’re lugging them from point A to point B. Reinforced handles and shoulder strap make this cooler bag easy to take with you, and each compartment will hold bottles up to 20 ounces. Simply pack it with cold beverages and you’re good to go.

Get yours for just $29.95.


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