The Ultimate Drinking Buddy

I’m torn about what to do for the Super Bowl. As a huge advertising geek, I look forward to the commercials almost as much as I look forward to the football.

Actually, considering it’s the Patriots vs. Giants this year and I’m an offended Bills fan who hates Tom Brady more than ever (after his recent Buffalo bashing), I’m looking forward to the first 30-second spot more than the game itself.

I can never decide if I want to go to a fun party with great food and all of my friends, or stay home where it’s quiet and I can concentrate on the advertising that companies I don’t really care about spent millions of dollars on.

What I do know for sure is that I’ll be watching the game with my ultimate drinking buddy, the BrewTender. I’m not one to promote products I don’t like, so the fact that I’m dedicating an entire blog post to this says I very much believe in what it does.

BrewTender Beverage Dispenser

When you can’t afford to leave the couch during commercial breaks, you need backup beers by your side and they need to be cold. How else are you going to stay hydrated without several trips to the fridge or some doting servant? I mean, you could hire a beer fetcher for the day or bribe one of your friends but a BrewTender is probably cheaper overall – and you get to keep it for other situations (like nights on the patio, parties, and next football season.)

So no matter what you do on Sunday, I suggest having the ultimate drinking buddy by your side.


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