The Value of Quick Shipping

Here at KegWorks, our customer’s experience is our top priority. One of the ways we provide excellent service is fast shipping. The focus of our company is home bar equipment. We stock as many products as possible in that area so we can ship instantly. If our customers place an order, we would like to get it out the same day. Here is a look at our quick process.

Orders are processed almost instantly in our system.
Orders Processed

If a product is not located here we send it directly to the manufacturer. Orders are printed sent to the warehouse, where one of our warehouse staff picks and packs the order.
Picking and Packing Orders

It will then be loaded on a roller to be processed to ship.
Processed to Ship

After a label is printed, the boxes are staged for pick up. We have multiple carriers that pick up several times a day.
Carrier Pick Up

Now the package is on the way to the customer.

That’s just one of the ways we give our customers superior service.

See you soon,


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