The Winter Olympics Are Here and So Is Socially Acceptable Morning Drinking

Not too long ago (though it seems like forever because this winter is hell), I wrote about Labatt Blue’s release of commemorative USA Hockey beer cans. As I sat in the tropical warmth of my cubicle on that frigid, Polar Vortexey day, I had one thought to console my frost-bitten bitterness: “At least the Olympics are this winter.”

Olympic Rings

And now, the wait is over. The Games have begun and every night offers another chance for our spirits to be captured with enough patriotic fervor to warm even the iciest of souls. I mean, do people really care about figure skating anytime else? Or skeleton? Or that strange sport where you’re skiing and shooting a gun (which seems like it just probably emulates day to day life in Scandinavia)? The Winter Olympics are like the “Weird Sports Super Bowl + Awesome Hockey and Some Skiing/Snowboarding Stuff.”

There’s one problem though. Since the Olympics this year are in Sochi, Russia, it’s not really every night that we get a chance to sip on cold brews and root for Uncle Sam’s finest. It’s more like every morning. What’s a drinking man to do?

Well, it seems like Canada is gonna find out. As you likely know, hockey borders on religion in the frozen tundra that is our Neighbor to the North. This year, their beloved Men’s Hockey Team is as good as ever (“John Tavares, a 100 point scorer, is on the fourth line. That’s crazy.”- Kevin McMahon, KegWorks Customer Care representative).

Unfortunately, most of their games are being broadcast in the fresh brightness of the morning commute hours. But that won’t stop a certain number of intrepid fans from raising a pint in honor of their boys in red and white. And wherever there are intrepid fans, you can bet that you’ll find similarly intrepid drinking establishments ready to offer them a warm stool, a cold beer, and a giant TV.

Canada Hockey

Apart from tailgating at NFL games, this is pretty much as socially acceptable as morning drinking gets. As such, please allow me to suggest a few tipples that may be worth your time:

1. Founder’s Breakfast Stout – We had this on tap in our kegerator. It made me cry it was so good. And honestly, the name says it all.

Founders Breakfast Stout

2. Guinness – It’s thick. It’s rich. It’ll stick to your ribs. Good morning sunshine.


3. A Bloody Mary with all the fixings – It’s like a buffet line in a glass.

Bloody Mary for Breakfast

4. Labatt Blue Light – No need to be over indulgent just because you’re being a bit indulgent…

Labatt Blue Light

5. A shot of Canadian whiskey – …But sometimes, you just gotta go for it.

Canadian Whisky

Enjoy the Olympics everyone and stay warm out there!


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