Things To Do With a Beer Boot

Drinking from Beer Boot The obvious thing to do with a 2-liter beer boot is to drink beer from it, of course. It is, after all, a beer boot. But I’m sure there’s plenty of other things you (or Collin, our model today) can do with a beer boot, like Tebowing: Tebowing with a 2-Liter Beer Boot Betta Tank Beer BootOther things you might consider turning your beer boot into, when you’re not drinking from it, include:

  • Giant candy dish
  • Tall planter
  • Fish tank for your betta, George
  • Coin bank
  • Display for your 1993 Pog collection
  • Large chowder bowl

What are some ideas you have for a 2-liter beer boot, besides drinking beer from it? Sound off! [techtags:Beer Boot, Das Boot]

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