8 Things I Did Not Know About Anheuser-Busch

Last week my wife was out of town, so after the kids were in bed I had full control of my television. Being completely burnt out of watching the kids’ college savings disappear coverage of government bailout, I decided on watching a CNBC special on Budweiser that I had recorded months ago. Besides for the irony that the show was called American Originals, there were some things about A-B that I did not know.

1. Budweiser cryogenically freezes batches of its beer each year, so brew masters can compare flavor profiles from 5, 10, 15 and twenty years ago.

2. The “King of Beers” moniker was originally the “King of Bottled Beer.” This self appointed title was given after A-B sold its 500,000,000 bottles of beer in the later 1800s.

3. The only time the production line in St Louis was fully shut down was during prohibition.

4. In order to keep the factory open and staff employed (biding its time until the end of Prohibition) A-B sold a variety of non-alcoholic products, including ice cream.

5. The Clydesdale horse team was a gift given to August Busch II from his sons to commemorate the end of Prohibition.

Budweiser Clydesdale

6. This team of Clydesdales delivered beer to the White House at the end of Prohibition.

7. Budweiser currently owns 250 Clydesdales.

8. This year the Budweiser Super Bowl ads were viewed over 30 million times on the Budweiser web site.

There are numerous other things about Anheuser-Busch that make it a very unique company. I understand the business reasons for selling to InBev. I just hope that the merging of the two very different corporate cultures does not destroy the legacy that is Budweiser.



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