This is How I Roll

My friend and I got started smoking cigars ten years ago. Ever since we started we were always into the hand rolled gems that we all know and love.

Finding new smokes and new shops is always something we scheduled, and still schedule, into our travels whether it is a family trip or a guys weekend to catch a ball game. In fact, cigars hunts have been the purpose of some trips.

Arturo Fuente HemingwayOver the years we have found some rarities. For example, in Florida at the Sosa Family Cigar Shop in Disney World I found the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines. This cigar is a “perfecto” – only 4 or 5 inches long – but it is rolled with alternating maduro and natural wrappers. The Sosa shop didn’t have these on display, but after talking with the tobacconist for a while (about other smokes and sharing a few stories) he brought them out of the back room to show me. I, literally, had to beg the guy to let me buy two of them. He only wanted to sell me one, which was impossible to accept, seeing as I had to bring one back for my friend.

This smoke is still sitting in our humidors after about three years waiting for that special occasion. My friend, upon a trip to New York City, stumbled onto a little shop in the vicinity of Grand Central Station named Arnold’s, this is where he was able to find us the God of Fire also made by Fuente. A couple of years ago when these came out, they were impossible to find and it was unheard of to find them sold individually. However, Arnold’s had them… and now we have them. Original issue, sitting next to our Between the Lines, also waiting for that special occasion. Well, as it turns out one of these special occasions is upon us. Come back soon to find out the story behind the cigar that was smoked (who cares about the actual story behind the occasion, it’s just an excuse to smoke the rare cigar)!


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