This Just In: Canned Whiskey

Canned beer, or any beverage for that matter, isn’t exactly a new commodity. Breweries have been canning beer for decades. As the craft beer movement continues to grow, the once thought taboo of canning our favorite craft brews is actually becoming even more popular. For better or worse, we’re still not quite sure which, the canning of your favorite liquors might be on the rise as well. Scottish Spirits, based out of Panama, has done just that and canned whiskey for the first time ever.

Scottish Spirits Canned Whiskey

These cans of both straight and blended whisky come in a standard size 12-ounce can. Each can contains approximately 8 shots. I can’t imagine drinking one of these on a relaxing night lounging on my couch. I can however, see the sense in having one before going out on a weekend. Pre-gamers rejoice!

Scottish Spirits canned whiskey is not yet for sale in the US, but I have a feeling if it ever is, there are bound to be mixed reviews. Whiskey purists will hate it. Young adults will indulge regardless of taste. (See 4loko blog post for reference.) We’re not quite sure if this has a standard alcohol content, is intended for mixing, or just drinking straight up. All I know for sure is it looks like I’m going to have some new ammunition for my Hops Holster Ammo Pack, baby.



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