This Pimped Out Ride is Helping New Orleans

You need to check this out!

Limo with Kegerator

One of our customers, Unique Car Audio, in Gilbert, Arizona pimped out this limo, complete with a draft beer system accessible from both inside and outside the limo. Sweet, right?

Limo with Kegerator

Even sweeter – apparently, this limo is being used to help one of my favorite cities, the Big Easy. The limo is part of a fleet of volunteers that are traveling cross-country to promote the resurgence of New Orleans. As these do-gooders say on their Web site: “Our mission is simple: to encourage Americans and funhogs worldwide to return to New Orleans, a city eager – and ready – for tourists of all ages to come back”.

Limo with Kegerator

We hear that this brigade will be featured on the Ellen show. We’ll see.

We are just psyched to be part of this ingenious creation. And psyched that selling draft beer parts can double as our philanthropic contribution (just kidding).

Limo with Kegerator

Really though, I was in just New Orleans, and the hurricanes are flowing and the blues are roaring. So, march yourself down there whether your limo is pimped out or not.

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