Thursday Is International Stout Day

International Stout DaySure, today is Halloween and we’re all for celebrating that but this particular blog post is to educate you, inform you, and encourage the celebration of the first International Stout Day which is set to take place this Thursday, November 3rd.

Bars and breweries in Philadelphia, San Diego, Portland, Denver and L.A. are ready… are you?

There’s a website with a countdown, a list of supporters and more information. There’s even an About Stout section to give you a little history on the style.

You can find a stout day event near you and if you’re a bar, you can post an event if you have one planned.

The movement and official proclamation was announced by Erin Peters, the popular beer blogger also known as The Beer Goddess.

Mark your calendars, check out some events and join us in raising a pint of dark, delicious stout this Thursday.

PS: If you’re into the hop juice, August 4th is International IPA Day. We missed the boat on properly prepping for it this year but it’s not too early to start planning for next year. Cheers!


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