Tiki Twist

It’s true that summer parties are never a drag, but why not take your summertime shindig to the next level? Tropical tiki themed parties are all the rage, and although they’re great for any time of the year, summer is my absolute favorite – at least then I’m not shivering in my grass skirt!

Cocktail UmbrellasMy pals and I are planning a huge tiki bash, and we’re going all out. That’s right, I’m stringing up the pink flamingo lights (hell, I may even keep them up for the summer!), grilling chicken and veggie kabobs (with LOTS of pineapple) and slurping down umbrella-dressed piña coladas until I drop. I found a lot of great ideas at KegWorks too – like tiki-inspired music, recipes, decorations – and I’m glad, because I wouldn’t have known where else to find most of these tiki party supplies. Check ’em out and get partying!

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