Time O’ The Signs

Someday, I’d like to have a nice bar in my home. I don’t really have the space right now. Or the money, for that matter, but eventually I would love to be able to entertain my buddies and watch the Bills and Sabres while bellied up to my very own basement watering hole.

Currently, I have one room in the house that my wife allows me to cram all my junk into and decorate accordingly. As of right now, my two wall adornments are a door-length poster of Master Chief and a 17-year old poster of W. Axl Rose. The rest of the house is all hers, which is why it looks so nice.

Even though I clearly don’t have what you would call a keen eye for interior design, we just got a couple new Guinness bar signs in that I believe would fit any bar décor. When I finally have the chance to build a home bar, these are the signs that will be hanging on my walls next to Axl… check them out:

Guinness Lovely Day Tin Bar Sign Guinness Perfect Pint Tin Sign


Guinness Lovely Day Bar Sign Guinness Perfect Bar Sign

These are just two of many cool bar signs we have available. Take a look. I’m confident you’ll find a sign you’d like to see hanging on your wall.


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