Today Is International Stout Day

Alright everyone. Get ready to stout out with happiness! We’re abstout to tell you something very exciting. If you don’t like it, you can get the heck stoutta here.

Do I need to keep doing this? Or should I just say this…

Today is International Stout Day. May all of our dark, creamy hearts rejoice!

Ales have their place. Lagers are just fine. I generally think that hops are tops. Really, all manner of well-made beer is good by me.

But I have to admit that I have a particular soft spot for a rich, velvety stout. Every time I wrap my hands around a pint of something darker than the Devil’s doorstep, I feel like I’m bellied up to the bar on a blustery winter evening, with a blazing fire at my back and my best friends at my side. It just puts me in a good mood.

So naturally, I wanted to highlight some of our more stout-centric products that are sure to help anyone make today the truly special holiday it deserves to be. Read on, and long live stouts!

Stout Day -  Guinness Coupler - U System

1. Guinness Kegerator Coupler – U System

Stout Day -  Libbey Stout Glass
2. Libbey Craft Brews Porter & Stout Beer Glass Set – 14.75 Ounces – 4 Pieces

Stout Day - Stout Faucet
3. European Specialty Stout Beer Faucet – Chrome

Stout Day - Murphy's Glass
4. Murphy’s Irish Stout Tulip Pint Glass

Stout Day - Mr. Beer Irish Stout
5. Mr. Beer – St. Patrick’s Dry Irish Stout Homebrew Refill Pack

Stout Day - Disappearing Stout Print
6. Disappearing Stout Beer Horizontal Matted Print

Stout Day - Brewcraft Pack
7. Brewcraft Recipe Pack – Dry Irish Stout

Stout Day - Disappearing Stout Coasters
8. Disappearing Stout Drink Coasters – Set of 4

Stout Day - Guinness Towel9. Guinness Extra Stout Bar Towel

Stout Day - Guinness Bar Mat
10. Guinness Bar Service Spill Mat


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