Today Is the Start of American Craft Beer Week!


Today, Monday May 12th, marks the beginning of American Craft Beer Week.

If you love good beer, this is your week. Go out and talk about beer, learn about it, and most of all, drink it.

With each passing year, craft beer is gaining a greater foothold on the beer drinking market, and shifting the landscape for the better. I’m not here to denigrate the big corporate brewers and I firmly believe that their product will always have its place. But the more options available, the better off we all are, and that’s what American Craft Beer Week is all about.

As consumers, we need to recognize the beauty of choice and support the chances being taken by small brewers (read: small business owners) by sampling their product. If you don’t like it, you’re under no obligation to keep drinking it, but if you appreciate the cornucopia of options currently available in the beer cooler at your local gas station, make a point of taking some time this week to go indulge in something new and special.

Oh, and before I forget…Today also happens to be Limerick Day. So I figured “Why not?” you know? Enjoy…

There was once an event for all beer geeks
It’s name was American Craft Beer Week

It’s a celebration of great beers
So let’s all say cheers

Cuz these are the brews you should seek.

(Think your limerick game is strong? Put yours in the comments on Facebook!)

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