Todays Beer? There’s An App for That.

If you have an iPhone and you’re into finding new beers, download the app Todays Beer and prepare to be enlightened.

The app is basically like an interactive version of the “beer of the day” calendar I have on my desk. The difference between my desk calendar and this app however, is the 360° bottle rotation (which you can see here, on their website), the pint view option (so you can see the color and amount of head) and built-in Twitter integration.

Todays Beer iPhone App

Todays Beer iPhone App

Todays Beer iPhone App

Of the last seven beers featured, there were five I’ve already had and two that I’ve heard of but haven’t yet tried. Keep in mind that probably has more to do with my drinking habits than the app.

For less than a dollar, it’s a fantastic way for those getting into craft brews to expand their hoppy, malty, liquid horizons. For the geeks who have already sampled 97 of the 99 bottles of beer on the wall, it might seem a bit rudimentary but then again, so are most beer related events/books/tastings/discussions/websites/anything.

Oh, I should also mention the app was designed and developed right here in Buffalo, NY. You can follow its creators on Twitter @TodaysBeer and please, tweet us @KegWorks or leave a comment here if you know of any other cool beer apps we might be missing out on.


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