Today’s Deal: Amazing Color Changing Draft Beer Line Cleaner for 30% Off

Beer (and soda) line cleaning is a million times easier with TM Desana Max – and if you act fast, it can be cheaper too!

The specially formulated line cleaning formula makes sure you know when your lines are clean by changing colors.

The packets contain exactly the right amount of powder to dissolve yeasts, sugars, and other organic residues. Even better, once the lines are clean, the liquid will change to purple. If it continues to circulates in the purple color for three minutes or so, you’ll know that your lines are spotless and you’re good to go.

If the liquid is green or yellow, the lines are not yet clean and you’ve still got some work to do.

As part of our week of daily draft deals, we’re offering TM Desana Max at 30% off until 9 am tomorrow morning. It’s regularly priced at $2.50 per packet (which is well worth every penny) but today’s price is $1.75 each.

Don’t forget, you should be cleaning your lines after every keg and this stuff makes it quick, easy, and undisputable.

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