Today’s Deal Makes Romance Easy (and Less Expensive)

Day 2 of our Big ‘Ol Holiday Discount Series is underway and today’s featured item is something for the romantics. For today only, we’re knocking $20 off the price of this charming Avanti 2 Bottle Wine and Cheese Tote Bag from the sentimental experts at Picnic Time.

Avanti 2 Bottle Wine and Cheese Tote

Whether you’re looking to heat things up in your LTR or you’re a playboy who wants to invest in this gem for future dating excursions, this bag o’ tricks is for you. Nothing says “I’m thoughtful and you should love me” like a well planned and skillfully executed wine and cheese picnic.

What You Get: An attractive tote full of potential. Just add two bottles of wine and a delicious block of fancy cheese (available at any fine grocery retailer) and you’re a ready-made romantic. There’s already a cutting board, corkscrew, stylish cotton napkins, wine glasses, a bottle stopper and a cheese knife inside. The presentation alone is sure to score you points.

Who It’s Perfect For: Romantic dudes, ladies who want it but know better than to think that their guy would ever buy it on his own, wine tour regulars, free outdoor concert goers.

The Deal: Ordinarily something this good costs $69.95 but if you buy today, we’ll give it to you for just $49.95. Take the $20 we saved you and buy some flowers – it’ll score you bonus points.


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