Today’s Deal: No-Rinse Beverage System Cleaner 50% Off

KegWorks No-Rinse Beverage System Cleaner is a great value when it’s regularly priced at $12.99 – but if you order today, the 16 oz plastic tub of powerful concentrated cleaner will only cost you half as much.

That’s right, it’s on sale for $6.49 – and it works like a dream (if you happen to dream about high-functioning performance from your line cleaner.)

No need to hand-pump rinse water through, just add 1/2 oz of powder to a quart of water and circulate it through the lines. It’s that easy! There’s even a food-grade color additive, so you know when the cleaner is still present in your system.

If you have a kegerator or any short-draw beverage system, you need to try this cleaner – so why not save a few bucks and do it today?

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