Today’s Deal of the Day – Bottle Caps for Your Homebrew

Yesterday we discounted a Perlick Faucet and today we’re offering you a sweet deal on these Gold Crown Oxygen Absorbing Beer Bottle Caps.

From now until tomorrow morning at 9 am, if you buy one package – we’ll give you a second package (that’s 144 more bottle caps) for half price.

Math isn’t really my thing, but by my calculations you can score 144 caps for $6.49 or get 288 of them for just $9.74 (instead of the usual $12.98). If you homebrew a whole lot you could even get 4 bags of them (that’s 567 caps) for $19.48 as opposed to the paying $25.96.

I’m not sure you even want my two cents – but it can help you save yours because in the first scenario (buying two bags at full price) the caps break out to about $0.05 a piece, while today’s deal nets you each crown for $0.03 or so.

The best part is, these aren’t your standard everyday caps! Each one is equipped with a liner that helps fight the good fight against oxidation. As an added bonus, the plain gold surface is easy to write on.

If you’re a homebrewer who bottles, there’s really no reason not to save yourself a few bucks and stock up.

If for some reason you only want one bag, you can buy that here.

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