Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry Hot Toddy DrinkEver hear of Tom and Jerry? No, not the cartoon… the drink mix. A close cousin of eggnog, it’s a mixer that goes along very well with the cold holiday seasons. This mix is very hard to come by; but have no fear – we do sell it here at KegWorks. Do yourself a favor and try this delightful little treat. I have a great recipe for it; simple and easy to make: Tom and Jerry Hot Toddy ½ – ¾ oz rum ½ – ¾ oz brandy Tom and Jerry Mix Boiling water or hot milk Nutmeg to taste Into a coffee mug, pour ½ – ¾ oz each rum and brandy. Spoon 1/3 cup Tom and Jerry Mix over alcohol. Add boiling water or hot milk to fill mug. Sprinkle with nutmeg and serve. [techtags:HOT TODDY, TOM AND JERRY, TOM AND JERRY DRINK, TOM AND JERRY MIX, EGGNOG, HOLIDAY DRINK RECIPES, HOLIDAY COCKTAIL RECIPES]

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