Too Many Taps To Handle

Our resident beer tap wizard, Dave, has once again conjured up a magnificent mélange of beer tap handles. He called in favors, trolled his top-secret locations and tapped (apologies, I couldn’t resist) his myriad connections all for you, our valued, beer-loving customers. Whether you have a particular beer on tap that you want properly marked or you’re a collector looking for rare and obscure handles, there’s a decent chance we have a tap handle you’ll be interested in.

The good news for you (and bad news for my all-around productivity) is I currently have over 80 recently acquired faucet handles on my desk, all of which need to be put online. And there are more on the way. The last time I saw this many tap handles at once was back in my restaurant management days. A keg would kick and the bartender and I would have to rummage through large plastic storage containers overflowing with handles in search of the new keg’s corresponding tap marker. Now, you have the chance to browse our digital “storage containers” to decorate your beer faucet appropriately.

Too Many Tap Handles

Our selection of beer tap handles, which will more than triple by the time all the new ones are up, is constantly changing and the most popular ones don’t last long. I’ve already managed to get a handful of the new arrivals online, some of which disappeared within a few hours of their first going live. There is always an ebb and flow to our stock, and at the moment we’re firmly entrenched in ‘flow’ mode. There will be a consistent stream of handles going up over the next little while, so check back frequently this week and beyond.

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