Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Gin & Tonic Month (Ranked in Order from Least to Most Dedicated)

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1. Invest in a pitcher. Use it frequently.

2. Expand your horizons. Limes are fine, but there’s a world of citrus out there. Try grapefruit (or grapefruit bitters) for a fresh twist.

3. Preach the Gospel of Tonic That Doesn’t Suck. Bring the masses to the light.

4. Gather your friends for a rousing game of “Bobbing for Limes (in a Vat of G&T).”

5. Every day when you get home from work, say to your wife: “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine… So, where’s the tonic?” She’ll love it and never get sick of it!

6. Write an ode to G&Ts. Little known fact: Shakespeare loved them (probably).

7. Wear an eye patch to honor the scurvy-inflicted souls who didn’t have a premium citrus delivery vehicle like a gin & tonic.

8. Start new holidays. We suggest “Gin Christmas,” “Tonickah,” “The Fourth of Gin-ly,” and “Gingus Day.”

9. Rename yourself. Who wouldn’t want to hire Gintonic Jones?

10. Divert the water lines servicing your home and Macgyver-up a G&T system to flow through the pipes. Then schedule a 6-hour shower every Saturday afternoon.

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