Toronto Man Gives Up Solid Food for Lent – Will Survive Solely On Beer for 40 Days

Photo credit: Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Photo credit: Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Candy. Cigarettes. French fries. Beer. These are the kinds of things that most people give up for Lent.

Chris Schryer is not most people. He’s keeping the beer, but he’s giving up food.

Yes. You read that right. He’s giving up food. Not just sweets or carbs or his wife’s world-famous lasagna or anything so pedestrian as that. No, we’re talking about every single morsel of solid, chewable, delicious, soul-sustaining, belly-filling food.

The Toronto, ON-based web designer and beer blogger is surviving almost solely on a thick, rich doppelbock brewed specially for him by Amsterdam Brewing Company. He enjoys a regular-sized bottle of the brew each morning and afternoon and a large, 22-ounce pour for his nightly meal. He also samples a new beer each day in the midafternoon to provide review content for his popular blog. In between he consumes nothing but a few pints of watered down juice, some water, a cup each of heavily-sugared coffee and herbal tea, and some multivitamins.

Photo credit: Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Photo credit: Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Obviously, this is a diet that can’t possibly equate with a healthful lifestyle if sustained for any truly significant length of time. It’s missing fat, protein, fiber, and quite frankly, variety. But Schryer is confident that he’ll be just fine for the 40 days of Lent. We wish him luck.

So, what do you guys think? On one hand, isn’t it kind of a dream come true to have your relationship with beer become even deeper? But on the other, it sure sounds like it would be pretty tough to sustain. I feel like, (*gasp*) this might even make me sick of beer for a while, which is a small miracle in and of itself. Tell us your thoughts below or on Facebook!

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  • Jennifer February 24, 2016 @ 5:18pm

    So I live in Tx and this year I decided to give up solid foods as well. My theory is if you can chew it then i’m not eating it. I went online to see any stories about giving up solid foods for lent and I saw your story. Just wanna say good luck, I think its awesome.

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