Tower Freeze Guard for Cold Weather Kegerators

A few days ago we blogged about two gentlemen who built a kegerator worthy of a spot in the house and today we have a little bit of insight on garage-bound kegerators – specifically those living in cold weather climates.

Craig T. lives in the Buffalo, NY area (just like KegWorks) and he keeps his draft system in his garage year round. The space has insulated walls and an insulated door – yet when the outside air temperature would dip below 20°F (as it often does) the tower would freeze and cause all kinds of problems.

To combat the issue, Craig created an insulator box to fit over his tower and the 12″ high tap handle. The box is made of cardboard boxes, cut to size. He spray-glued the inside of the box and placed cut pieces of fiberglass insulation inside, with the paper backing side exposed.

Draft Beer Tower Insulator for Cold Weather Kegerator

Draft Beer Tower Insulator for Cold Weather Kegerator

The box fits snugly over the entire setup so he doesn’t have to disassemble anything to put it on. It’s a relatively simple invention that’s kept his kegerator flowing perfectly for the past four Western New York winters.

Draft Beer Tower Insulator for Cold Weather Kegerator

Here’s to innovation and to Craig for sharing his good ideas. Cheers!



  • Craig January 22, 2013 @ 8:05pm

    7 degrees outside and my invention is still working like a champ. No freezes with my garage keg.

  • Chris G July 12, 2015 @ 9:20pm

    I live in Kenmore and want to get a kegerator for my garage same as yours. Three walls insulated and the door as well… With your kegerator. Do u unplug it in the winter? If not what temp do u have it set at… The beer inside doesnt got to cold and freeze like the one I forgot in the freezer last night…? Lol.

    • Chris G July 12, 2015 @ 9:22pm

      Also what’s the make on yours?

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