All Trained Up!

Our Customer Service staff has been going through some intense advanced draft beer training. When my turn was approaching, I was feeling like, why me, thinking I was going to be in some room being lectured to about beer. Not even the most avid beer drinker wants that.

But after attending I must admit, I was surprised. Never thought a calculator was used to get beer in a glass. Flow speed, PSI, gas mixers and nitrogen generators. There is a lot of science behind this stuff! I will never walk into a bar and look at it the same.

Was out to dinner on Mother’s Day and could not resist asking the bartender where they house their kegs. I just wanted to figure out the distance from the cooler to the tower, and what gases and pressure they might be using to push the beer.

Nerdy, if I must say so myself, especially since I was not drinking beer. But when one is armed with this much knowledge, it must be put to use. To whom much is given, much is expected.

So, when you call our Customer Service department expect that you will not only reach a courteous rep, but one that has the knowledge to handle your most agonizing situations.

Please call soon, before we start answering questions that have not been asked yet.

PLEASE! Like now.


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