True Life: I’m Obsessed with My Can Shaped Glass

One of the benefits of working in the beer industry and being a real geek about it is meeting other beer people. I have a friend who works for a local distributor and he threw a great beer party a couple of months back. At one point he grabbed some fresh glassware for a limited edition bottle we were about to crack open and I couldn’t help but notice that one of the glasses he brought to the table was shaped like a beer can. I’d never seen anything quite like it; it was an Anderson Valley glass with a handsome bear sporting deer antlers (also known as a beer) on it, and it was beautiful.

I immediately interrupted the beer talk to comment on how much I liked the subtle curves, delicate lip, and overall look of the can-glass and much to my delight, my distributor friend had a couple of cases of those exact glasses to give away. He sent me home with my very own and I was stoked.

In fact I was so excited to have a can-glass, I brought it here (to the KegWorks office) where I’m able to use it multiple times every day – for all kinds of beverages! Here is a dramatic iPhone photo I just took of the glass filled with some high quality H2O.
Can Shaped Beer Glass

So, as you can see; I really love this glass.

Some of my colleagues here took notice (probably because I carry it around with me to meetings all day) and they wanted to know where I got it. After we did some research, we got to thinking that you folks might want your own can-shaped glasses as well. We tend to deliver on these things, so I’m pleased to announce that we now have fantastic can-shaped glasses available for sale on our website, as well as in our retail store.

They look sleek and sophisticated, they’re fun to hold, and they’re just about the same size as an actual beer can. It’s like you get all of the ergonomics without any of the metal or that time-wasting top. Even better, you can use it every single day for drinking just about anything.

I’ve had mine for months and it still excites me.

How many times have you said that about a glass?

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