Trust Us.

At KegWorks, we aim to make your shopping experience quick, easy and safe. I often get calls from customers who don’t trust the Internet for ordering. Placing orders online is the best way to go and here is why:

Telephone Game1. Less mistakes – when we take your order by phone we are putting it on the website exactly as you would. By doing it directly, you eliminate any typing mistakes we would potentially make. Mistyped credit card numbers could lead to declines that will hold up the funds on your credit or debit card for a few days. Remember that telephone game you played as a child…

256-bit Security2. Superior security – Our encryption rate is 256-bit, which is better than most banks. Also, no one will see or hear your card number, ever!

3. Instant options – See your expedited shipping options and the costs affiliated with them instantly as you check out.

4. 24/7 – We are here to serve Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. However the Internet is open all the time.
Open 24 Hours Neon Sign
5. Repeat order ease – Commercial customers or repeat customers can create a password-protected account that stores your shipping and billing address information. This will allow you to bypass the hassle of submitting your address information again for future orders.

6. Instant order verification – You will see exactly what you ordered and all associated fees right on the screen as you place your order. If you mistyped a quantity you will know it instantly and have a chance to amend your order before it is placed.

Order online with confidence and a smile.


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