Two Beer Innovations

As I constantly scour Google for articles about new beer related developments I recently came across two pointing towards the future of beer; a future most you reading this blog will never experience. The first is for the NanoBrewMaster, an all-in-one device that allows you to start with water, hops, yeast and malt and end up with a cold glass of beer. The whole system is computer controlled and set up on modular carts that allow it to be wheeled around. Although not available for sale, my guess is it will be expensive, “Price is as yet unreleased, but let’s just say you can either be the guy with the Lexus and no liver damage, or the most popular Hyundai-owner on the block.” Think I’ll stick to my clunkier, but fully functional homebrew set up for the time being.

Nano Brew Master
Photo by John B. Carnett/NanoBrewTech

Here’s the second cool beer innovation you may never experience: space beer from Japan. Sapporo is making a beer from the progeny of grain grown by the Russians on the International Space Station. The beer will not be available for sale, but some customers will be given special tastings of this unique brew.


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