Two Great New Liquors … Check these out!

One thing I love to do is find and taste new liquors. Two of my new favorites are below:

Leblon Cachaça

LEBLON from Brazil. This is a natural sugar cane liquor. It has a wonderful fruity nose. Use this to make the perfect Caipirinha.

2 oz Leblon Cachaça
1 lime
1½ – 2 Tbsp super fine sugar
(to taste)

Slice the lime into thin slices,
place in a 10oz rocks glass and
add sugar on top. Muddle well
with a muddler (or something
suitable). Fill the glass with ice,
then Leblon Cachaça. Stir for
about 10 seconds (important!) and
garnish with a lime slice
and a cocktail straw.

Zwack Next up is ZWACK. This is not a new liquor but it is new to the US. It has been made in Hungary since 1790 but is just getting introduced into America. Made from a secret recipe containing more than 40 different herbs and spices, it has a very deep and complex aroma and flavor. It’s great as a before or after dinner drink, with or without ice. I prefer it chilled from the fridge but with no ice. It is similar to Jagermeister but smoother.

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