Upgrade Your Bar in 3 Easy Steps

No bar, whether home bar or commercial establishment, is complete without a foot rail. Bar foot rails add so much more than style to your bar. They give guests a comfortable place to rest their feet while they’re sitting or standing at the bar. The more comfortable guests are, the longer they’ll stick around, which means more time spent with friends and/or more money spent at your commercial establishment.

That’s just a whole load of goodness any bar owner can’t afford to pass up.

Think adding bar rails sounds like too much work to do yourself? Installing foot rails is a lot easier than you may think! You can add them to your bar in three easy steps.

Step 1 – Plan
Before you order, make a simple sketch of your bar and take measurements to figure out how much tubing and how many brackets you’ll need to order. A good rule of thumb is to use brackets 6 inches from each rail end, and then a bracket for every 4 feet of tubing, to make sure things are nice and sturdy.

Step 2 – Order
Once you’ve chosen the bar rail tubing, brackets, elbows (if you’re turning corners) and end caps or flanges, you can place your order online or with one of our customer service reps.

Step 3 – Install
Installing bar foot rails is painless, we promise! First, you loosely assemble the tubing and brackets around the bar so you have a clear idea where everything is going. Next, you attach the brackets to the bar with an electric screwdriver. Then, secure elbows, end caps (or flanges) and you’re done!

Still not convinced? Check out our How to Install Bar Foot Rails video below:


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