Beer – A Great Resource to Tap Into

There are plenty of uses for beer that extend beyond the obvious enjoyment and consumption of it. Although it is hard to imagine having beer and not drinking it, you might want to consider trying some of these other ideas:

  • Marinate meat in it- it tastes better than wine and makes your meat really tender. Delicious. You can even take your beer meat to the game with this awesome tailgating grill.
  • Help the grass grow- seriously, when you pour beer on those annoying brown spots on your lawn, the grass absorbs the nutrients, sugar and energy it needs to sprout faster.
  • Kill slugs and snails – fill containers or wide-mouthed bottles about a quarter of the way up with beer then bury them in your garden. The slugs and snails will be attracted to them, then drown.
  • Kill mice – fill a bucket or pail a third of the way and leave a board or something propped on the bucket, leading to the rim. The mice will smell the beer, jump in and not be able to climb out.
  • Uses for BeerCalm a stomachache- when your belly hurts, just sit down and drink a beer. The carbonation will settle your stomach and the alcohol helps to reduce the pain as well. It won’t work if you have an ulcer or gastritis and if you have too many beers, you could end up with a worse stomachache. Remember, moderation is key.
  • Polish gold- wet a piece of cloth with some beer and rub your gold (but not the stones) to get the shine back. Use a second cloth to dry it.
  • Bathe in it- add a few cans of beer into your bath. The yeast is good for softening and soothing your skin.
  • Polish wooden furniture- let some beer sit until it goes flat and then dampen a washcloth with it and use that to polish your wooden furniture. You’ll love the shiny and healthy look it leaves.
  • Cook with it- when boiling shrimp, try using beer instead of water. Season to your liking; just make sure you don’t overcook.
  • Drink it to celebrate your resourcefulness.


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