My Vacation in "The Brewery"

The harsh, cold, Buffalo winter makes me reflect upon my summer vacation that I took to Los Angeles. When I was there I stayed at The Brewery.

The Brewery

The Brewery

The Brewery

Not the kind you’d expect in fact, this brewery has been altered into work and living space. It is located on the east side of Los Angeles. They have an indoor atrium…

The Brewery Atrium

…and they have an amazing view from the roof. The current residences of The Brewery have an annual art walk.

The Brewery Art Walk

They have people come through the facility and take a look at some of their sculptures, paintings and other works. I got there about two weeks after the art walk this year. I was saddened to learn I had just missed it.

It was an amazing space with a sense of history, being that it was an old brewery back in the day. It also has a sign on the top of Angel City Brewery (non-affiliated of course). I found that out after the fact.

Angel City Brewing

When I tell people that I went to Los Angeles to visit a friend and stayed in a brewery, they get the wrong idea. Hopefully this will help clear that up. I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully next time, we will have more beer!


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