Vermouth for Your Ver-mouth

Awesome things are things that are awesome. Need an example? Meet the ridiculously cool vermouth atomizer spray bottle.

Vermouth Atomizer

Let me just point out a few things for your benefit:

1. Look at that title. Vermouth Atomizer. Might as well be called “Vermouth Future Spray for Happy Terrific Tongue Time.” (Waiting on my trademark for that title, so don’t even bother trying to steal it). I can’t tell you what atomizing is, but it sure sounds like taste scientists put in some hours on this thing, and that’s good enough for me!

2. Although its beauty is found largely in its combination of sheer elegance and idealistic simplicity, the martini is a hard drink to master. Getting the proportions just right is of paramount importance and an absolutely essential piece of mixology acumen if you expect your friends to actually drink what you make.

3. Vermouth has its place. It dances a stately waltz with your gin (or vodka, if you must) and imparts a subtle, bewitching effect in the alchemy of a memorable martini. But no one ever orders a martini and says, “Don’t skimp-a-dimp on the ‘mouth Johnny Boy.” That’s partly because no one actually talks like that. But mostly, it’s because a little vermouth goes a long way.

4. The finely-calibrated mist of this sprayer will coat your glass with a delicate layer of vermouth that will make your gin (or vodka, if you still must) think that it’s finally been invited to a party with all the cool kids. No more worries about over or under-pouring. A few spritzes here, a liquidy dash there, and you’re left with a lovingly created, expertly crafted contender for World’s Best Cocktail.

Vermouth Atomizer

Seriously, this thing is idiot-proof. Do you absolutely need it to pour a nice martini? No, of course not. But is it a fun, inexpensive, and altogether unique way to to impress your friends, woo your lover, and make James Bond eat his gadget-loving heart out? Yeah, it sure is. Get yours today and start looking for excuses to make martinis tomorrow!

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  • Kate August 20, 2012 @ 10:26am

    These things are great, and even beyond mere vermouth. They’re also are handy for quick “rinses” of absinthe or Islay Scotch for Sazeracs and other drinks. The spritzer should also fit on many small-mouthed bitters bottles for a spray of bitters garnish atop egg white cocktails and similar. And, that mini silver funnel blurred in the first image is useful for filling hollow iceballs in addition to the spray bottle.

    I think Alton Brown would approve of this kit’s multi-purpose greatness.

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