Veteran Beer Company: Veteran Owned & Brewed

Veteran Beer Company

Happy Monday, everyone. Typically, we dread this awful day, complaining of its hasty arrival and even slower departure. However, today, on Veterans day, it was easy for me to drop the bad attitude and cop one of gratitude.

Everyone knows someone who has served our country, is serving our country, or plans to. Many of us know someone in all three of those groups. So, today, we salute them, raise a glass, give a toast, and cheers to their service, commitment, and ongoing sacrifice. We thank them for allowing us to so selfishly, yet freely dread Mondays.

As I thought of something to write about today in honor of the holiday, I struggled to find something truly worthy of mention. As I scoured the internet, my coworker mentioned a feature he saw on The Today Show about the Veteran Beer Company (VBC).

Veteran Beer Company (VBC)

VBC is veteran owned and 100 percent veteran staffed, from the brewers to the truck drivers and every position in between. The Veteran Beer Company is dedicated to providing lives of quality for military Veterans through the creation of meaningful post-service careers.

Paul Jenkins, VBC’s founder and CEO, is a retired Navy professional who was fed up with the alarming unemployment rate for veterans, which is currently around 20% for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of talking about it, complaining about it, and asking others for change, he decided to ignite some change himself, and VBC was born.

Two of the beers officially release today – the Amber Lager and the Blonde Bomber Blonde Ale. As of right now, the beers are only available in Indiana and Illinois, but Paul has big plans for the future of the company. Not only does he intend to expand distribution, but also to hire 100 Veterans within the first year, 500 within three years, and 3,500 within five. Ten percent of everything made goes to charities that support Veteran causes, and the rest goes to the brewery’s operations.

Paul Jenkins Veteran Beer Company

VBC’s Head Brewer, Lt. Colonel Eric Rine at the VBC brewing facility.

I thought giving them some recognition was the way to go with today’s blog post. I hope you all share this with your friends, especially those in Indiana and Illinois, and I wish the best to Paul and VBC.

For more information, check out their website, and for timely updates, subscribe to their newsletter.

I’d like to leave you with something from the company’s mission statement: “We’re trained from day one to leave no one behind, and until we can provide jobs for every unemployed Veteran, we’ve got work to do.”

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